Just some GoPro clips from the beginning of the race on Saturday January 24th



The homies out of Japan did another cruise on January 11th to bring in the new year with friends, cars and food. For the third year in a row, they’ve exclusively sent us photos to post on our blog. Even though they are on the other side of the world, they still have the same beliefs in the scene and just wanna hangout and do car shit with friends!
Shout out to Masafumi Yoshida and the Local Mad Crew for the photos and supporting us 24/7 all the way out there in Japan, it truly means a lot when someone whom you’ve never met in person shows you so much love and support!



1010 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804




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Had some clips laying around that we recorded back in October during FCF14 so we threw em together real quick.


2014 show season has finally come to a close but you can always guarantee ILDS is the last one on the list to attend. This year may just actually be the last time at the Tampa Executive Airport due to the attendance increase but we’re sure they can find a spot in time for WF2015. In the meantime, check out some pics our buddy Steven took for us at the show.

Was a good time hanging out at the Dubkorps booth and walking around the show.

For the third year in a row, our buddy Yasunobu Fukuda and friends has thrown an event in Japan called Wreckin’Meet and has sent us pics to post on our blog. To this day, we still love seeing the various stages of modifications that are in from our Japanese friends. You can check out the progression of the meet from our previous posts, Wreckin’Meet vol.1 / Wreckin’Meet vol.2 Thankfully, the weather totally lucked out for them this year and all the cars didn’t get touched with a drop of rain!



Our online store will be back open on Cyber Monday for 24 hours only! Everything will be 40% off with the discount code to make room for new merchandise.

With all the awesome photos and videos from around the web, we’ve decided to place links all right here for you to see as we find them! If you have a video or link to photos, email us at INFO@IAMSIMPLYCLEAN.COM


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