@iamsimplyclean x @wheel_whores

Those who know, know…

Only one genuine Porsche 935/78 was ever raced and it was nicknamed ‘Moby Dick’ due largely to its extended rear bodywork and massive ‘whale tail’. Considered by many as the ultimate 911 ever made, it was the third and most extreme version of the 935 produced officially by Porsche and run under Group 5 ’Silhouette Series’ rules. All other ‘Moby Dick’s’ produced thereafter were replicas…

Famed not only for it’s incredible bodywork and power, but also loved by Wheel Whores the world over due to the bright orange Turbo Fans that covered whopping 11×16” and 15×19” magnesium BBS split rims. Wheel-Whores always talked about one day putting this extreme Porker on a shirt to honour its legendary status and after deciding to tie up with us at Simply Clean, they were able to put that idea into reality using our ‘Neon Dreams’ theme and Wheel-Whores pink. The ultimate race car and original Dick Tease, enough said!

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