Back in 2010, there was a clean white MK5 slammed on OEM Audi wheels parked up at the first Simply Clean meet. It was the kind of car that caught your eye but you didn’t know why cause it was really plain and simple. Flash forward about a year, i was wearing my “fitted” hoodie at a downtown bar and this Ginger dude noticed it and said “nice sweater”. Come to find out, his name is Hunter and he was the one that owned the clean MK5 from SC1 and eventually got rid of it for a Miata.

When we found out which Miata was his, we immediately told him that a shoot must be done!!

“Soooo me, I guess you could say i’m a nut case in the sense i’m just another one of those “idiot stanced crazed lunatics” who sees broken oil pans as an accomplishment rather than an issue. Got started in the car game with my VW gti and grew to appreciate how much better the car physically looked the closer towards the cement it got rather than how fast it could go from red light to red light. From there and learning from my fellow VW nuts about their obsession with wheels and suspension mods I guessed it was time to move on. With the idea of wanting to drift, I purchased a 93 miata after seeing tons of wicked cool examples from Japan and here in the US, I thought it would be a great platform to start with… And I was more broke than the Greek economy. So it matched perfect. Then over time and many moons later, I started to build the car you see here today and my idea of drifting turned into “I don’t want to see this thing hit a wall” and eventually I went with the idea of building a low yet functional good looking little sports car for the street rather than a sideways beat box.” – Hunter Briscoe