Now that the weekend is over and we are getting back into the groove of things, we would like to say thank you to everyone who made the trip to SC4. With a brand new venue, it will take us a bit to learn new routes and procedures.

Destination Daytona is used to putting on events for motorcycles but not at this capacity for cars. It was a new learning experience for them as well. As we move forward, we will make all planning and ways to make the next event smoother earlier.

Thank you again to everyone that came out to attend. Thank you to all the sponsors and vendors for making it possible and thank you to the SC staff for putting in hard work to make the event happen. Seriously without you guys there wouldn’t be an SC event. Also, we raised over 700 lbs of food for the charity so kudos to everyone who brought donations.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

As for the lack of organization for parking, the Police made us stop filtering cars or they were going to shut it down. Therefore every gate had to open and left the show parking lot a free for all.
Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you.