So we made it to Ocean City, Maryland and back to Orlando, Florida safely but it was no easy task. Try 2 big dudes and 2 average dudes plus luggage crammed up in a MK4 Golf 3 door for 15 hours each way.. hahaha.. Man, that was the most uncomfortable ride but also one of the funnest (that even a word?). Thanks to Chon Lee for providing the transportation and supplying the condo in which we stayed the least amount of time in since we had a bunch of shit to see.

Now as for my first time to H2Oi, i have to say it was a cool experience but allot different from SOWO. At OCMD everything is spread out and you pretty much have to drive to get anywhere to meet up with people. The weather was gloomy the whole time and sprinkled throughout the day which made it hard to snap pics of all the cars. Other then those little cons, it def is one of the best vacations for car folks to take 🙂

Here is a few pics we got to take since the weather was upset and we missed the actual show.

For Raaaaaaaaaaaaay