Ok, so this post is kinda special to us cause little pos Honda’s is where we started from in the car game. Mine was a 88″ four door Civic sedan with missing plastics, dented fender, bad bad bad paint and fry’d piston rings but I totally loved that thing. Over time I swapped the motor, spray painted that sh*t flat black, lowered it, put nice wheels and drove the piss outta it. Pretty much, you couldn’t tell me sh*t that it wasn’t gangster looking. Fast forward to about 2007 and I got rid of it and moved on to a more updated car with a/c and leather seats.. On the other hand, Jonathan was around back then and he had a EF Civic hatch that was clean at the time but after seeing how the sedan looked, he just had to get one.

Now I must say, he definitely did this car justice keeping it simple and clean by adding little hints of upgrades here and there. Motor wise its still got the stock Dual Point but hey, gas savers are super important nowadays.

Check out the pics for yourself, Simply Clean son!

And there you have it folks…. If you see someone with a car you like, don’t hesitate to try one out for yourself. Jonathan sure as hell didn’t 😉