Exclusive Simply Clean / Remix Flyer

***REGISTER FOR THE state of STANCE/Simply Clean PARKING***

“I’m very glad to announce that stateofSTANCE and Simply Clean have teamed up with Remix Events to bring you the Premier Parking section at the Remix/Hellaflush Event.
The stateofSTANCE & Simply Clean Premier Parking section will be setup right next to Hellaflush.
Premier Parking in the stateofSTANCE/Simply Clean section is $40.00 and gets you, your car and a guest into the show.
You must use COUPON CODE: stancewhips to ensure the correct price and parking area. **If you do not use this coupn code, you will be charged $50.00 and placed in a different area of the event.”
State Of Stance/ Simply Clean registration. $10.00 off 🙂