Let’s be honest, Andrew is pretty easy to take in as a douche bag just from pictures but give him one hang out and you’ll see why he’s one the main faces on Simply Clean.
Andrew’s friend, Andrew Nater knows him all to well and did a write up/documentary about a piece of the SC movement in which Andrew embodies on a daily basis. Peep the actual post HERE or read the quote below and watch the video…

” I think I got drunk twice while filming this episode – a common side effect of First Friday and Sunday Funday. Irresponsible? From a production standpoint, yes. But, for the sake of our material, I believe there’s a lot to be gained from letting loose, having a few drinks, and enjoying the company. I mean, that’s what this show is about; the people, the culture. It’s about buying in and getting immersed. So we did.

What we’ve gathered in material is, sadly, less expressive of the time we had than I’d have liked. It is honest – the strong friendships, the day drinking… the night drinking. Its all there. But in our drunken, distracted excursions, we missed some of the brief, wildly entertaining glimpses of this group. They, who in many ways, embody the best parts of Orlando.

They make up a section of an even larger, more developed community than I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Our guest was Andrew Young, and the episode was slated to revolve around him, his “Insta-fame”, and social media’s effect on community. It’s not and it can’t be, because that’s not what we saw. It’s not what we felt, it isn’t what Andrew showed us.

We saw more. Far more than I could tap into my notes app or scribble onto sheets of trash-to-be. What we saw was family. You see, the first of every Friday is as much about the cars, as it is the beers – they matter very little in the grand scheme of things. They serve as catalysts. Some common ground; a comfortable place for a group of like minds to kick back after a long week (or month) and indulge a bit.

It gets better – warmer even – on Sundays. Every week its brunch at Avenue, and these guys are there. Sure, it gets obnoxious, even reckless at times, but its a good fucking time. Sundays mean the week is done and the day is yours. So take it. I think we made it from noon till 5 and had to punch out. That same night, Andrew and co. rode it out till midnight. I’m not cut out for it, but I admire their dedication.

A lot can be said about the dangers and horrors of a lifestyle so involved with alcohol. Set that silly argument aside and indulge with us. Crack open a beer and let this episode carry you into a great night. We had a great time with Andrew. He showed us around to some of the liveliest places Orlando has to offer to the casual drinker. There’s no alcoholism, no escapism, not here. This is life. For these guys, this is what they look forward to after grinding away at the work week. Whether its First Friday in the Milk District or Sunday Funday downtown, the end of the week is the time of their lives, all the time. Who could hate that?

Not me”
-Andrew Nater

Unfold: Orlando – Andrew Young from Unfold on Vimeo.