Back at Simply Clean 4, we saw a slammed Drift Stang and a clean Kouki S14 on RS’s under the pavilion catching tons of attention which in turn caught ours. Come to find out, they were owned by a Boyfriend/Girlfriend duo and they are local to us. Seems kind of odd that a Ford Mustang of the two would be the drift car and the 240 would be the show car but for both Willy and Sam, it just works!

For Sam, she went with that clean Low and Slow look except that the “slow” part has been replaced with a 2jz for that endless amount of go fast parts.

Around Valentines Day Sam’s BBS RS’s were stolen in the Orlando area…. Keep an eye out for her

Now Willy is a whole other story… Little did we know that he is actually the younger brother of our staff member Roberto’s wife. His taste in hooking up a Mustang for drifting is pretty dope since its torquey and not a typical “Drift Car” in the local scene.

Personal Words from #TeamUs themselves.

“I’ve always liked cars since a young child, my dad was into race trucks and I liked something about cars that i knew one day i would own a sweet one. Well years passed and I would always hear my dad talk about cars and big race trucks & my family always went to Orlando Speed World for drag racing so I started understanding the whole concept of cars little by little. My first modded car was an Eclipse and that went horrible. Time passed and I met willy at a local drift event, he told me so much and showed me so much stuff i had never seen that I was just so excited & ready to make my own car. One night at his house, he showed me a car that was for sale and told me about it then the next month we went and got it! The day everything really started was when Willy took me to a late night dyno where a couple buddies were at Horsepower Sales one night on a SC300 2jz-gte, being touched and tuned by mt-tuning. That sound and everything else just made me want a powerful 2jz power plant so bad, so from there that was my goal for the next few months. Thanks to the help of a few people, my car is where it’s at with a build of 5 months. Motor, paint, bodywork, wheels, suspension and engine bay shows that hard work pays off. I’m glad we got to debut our cars at Simply Clean 4, and I’m glad I got to have an opportunity like this. Huge shout out to everybody else for their support, my goals are very big and I hope to accomplish them by the end of 2013. Eventually I will turn this car into a Racecar with a lot of time, patience, practice and join the 9 second club.
Thank you Simply Clean again, and everybody else!” – Sam

“Basically what got me started in the car game was basically as a kid growing up and being around drag racing with my family, and seeing all the sweet stuff, the loud noises, the race cars, & not to mention the long hours in the garage or shops or weekends at the track. I kinda developed an urge to start my own build and get some seat time in! I ended up being the odd ball and found alot more fun at the track and a much more awesome community as i grew older and ended up falling in love with drifting.
After a couple years, many headaches and a few cars, i am now strongly committed & i pilot a 2006 Mustang GT race chassis with a mildly built Ford Modular 4.6L 3V powerplant, with only a few bolt-ons, weight management, awesome BC Racing coilovers and steering/angle mods, the Mustang has made quite a name for itself as a competitive machine.
Future plans are to finish the build on my motor with Stage 3 comp-cams ontop with fully built heads & other add ons. Once that’s done it’s all about putting in more seat time for this years 2013 SWD Pro-Am Competitive drift series.
None of this would be possible without my sponsors and supporters, which deserve a huge thank you!” – Willy

Carlitos Tires
Raw Brokerage Inc.
Invision Auto House
CFT Shop
BC Racing NA
Orlando Carbon Wraps