We sometimes have night car meet called Neu Flava with Lowballers Japan crew in our local area. We had wanted to have more bigger and day meet in the future. This time, we had collaboration with Niigata Charity Meeting called NCM hosting by a shop Hokubei Auto. So to speak, they donate the money collected at that meeting to the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami victims. We were happy to approve of it at this Wreckin’Meet.

The weather at that day was so bad and felt so damn cold, but there were about 150 entry cars and gallarie’s car were over 200. Awesome kool cars here in Japan came and joined to our Wreckin’ Meet. We really appreciate it!! So thank you to all sponsors and our crews and kool site overseas, Simply Clean, Stancenation, V2L, Stretch & Poke, WEKSOS!!

It was bad condition to take photos, but our buddy Hiroshi Kamono took many photos. Please check them below. We hope we have Wreckin’Meet vol.2 next year, see you there!!
-Yasunobu Fukuda