Man oh Man oh Man.. It was totally worth the 4 hour drive to visit our favorite South Florida buddies at and State Of We got there around noon and did not hesitate to park the car, get our camera gear, lock the car up and never look back. Dead love bugs, butterflies and dirty ass wheels did not stop us from doing what we do best at events… GO TO HANG WITH FRIENDS!

While most were making sure their ride was looking perfect, we were walking around looking for friends we haven’t seen in awhile and spreading the love. Central Florida is totally different from South Florida but it’s the passion for Cars and Friendships that make us similar. Leo and the crew always show us a good time by taking us around their hometown to visit some of the favorite local food spots, bars and clubs.

The main reason that everyone came together on Saturday was obviously to check out cars. We did just that but with the exception of taking a quick run thru the parking lot and snapping some rides since the weather was heating up. The turn out was great for only being planned about a month ahead of time.

Props to our homies for a great meet and cheers to friendships that’ll last for years to come!


Here is an example of what cars and similar interests can bring you..

Just a few of the many Hangover style photos on our phone from the after party in Downtown Las Olas with the State of Stance crew. Hands down the BEST Saturday night ever!