We have out grown the venue Route 46 which holds about 400+ cars in the field and about 150 cars on concrete. Last year we did first come first serve and people complained that there were some great quality builds thrown in the back while some stranglers ended up on concrete. Well, this year we have to quality control the VIP 150 concrete spaces and the only way is pre screening ahead of time thru email. Just bare with us for this process as we will be looking for a new venue for 2012.

This is a free event and you aren’t paying a dime out of your pockets. We have no idea why some are not understanding the reasons for this process when we explained it on the events site.

Our motto: it’s not a competition means there is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

You are not winning trophies, there is no best of show but we do have a passion for clean quality builds. Just come on out, enjoy the FREE day with your friends and go home with some inspiration for your ride.

Quality > Quantity

PS.. if you don’t make concrete, don’t take it to heart. Just take it as motivation to get there.