For as long as we’ve known Darren (about 2 years), he hasn’t kept a daily driver for more than 6 months. In fact, we don’t even remember the first car we met him in cause he goes thru them like nothing.

See, he has a way with hustling nothing into something but that something always turns into boredom and then its on to the next one. Maybe its the Asian side of him but this dude sure knows where to find AMAZING deals on anything and everything you can think of.

For now we will show you his Pikachu Z06 and we say “FOR NOW” cause its already up for trade or sale. This particular Vette already came with some power upgrades like cams and exhaust so Darren didn’t have to do much besides sourcing out a nice set of wheels. Since it is a Corvette, the last thing he wanted to do was slam the piss out of it due to the fiberglass body so a comfortable ride height was more suitable.

Now you know a little story about Darren so check out the last pics of his Z06 cause we’re sure it will be gone within the next few weeks.