Name: Greg B. (Husband)
Car: (Green) 1969 BMW 2002
Wheels + Specs: 3piece Epsilon 15×7 f 15×8 r
Tires: Falken 512 205/50r15
Suspension: Bilstein HD Shocks, Custom Eibach Springs
Location: Clermont, FL
Photo Credit: Greg B.

Name: Mary B. (Wife)
Car: (Orange) 1974 BMW 2002
Wheels + Specs: 14in TSW
Tires: Falken 512
Suspension: Bilstein HD Shocks, Ireland Engineering Stage 2 Race Springs
Location: Clermont, FL
Photo Credit: Greg B.

Why do you like Simply Clean?

“Mary and I like SC because there is no “mold” to fit into. For the longest time are 2002’s never fit into a mainstream group of cars. SC doesn’t care that your car cost 100k or 2k to build. SC appreciates the small details most people overlook and that your car is simple, clean and that you are not throwing a bunch of crap at it just to call it custom. The 2002’s where met with open arms by the guys at SC at all the meets when alot of people didn’t even know what they where looking at…thanks for giving these old euros the respect they deserve and for allowing us to display them so the younger generation can see how fun the 2002’s can be.”

Why do we like your ride?

“Ever since we saw these two beauties at the Chic-fil-a BMW meet last year, we had to take a closer look. What makes these even more bad ass is that its a husband and wife 2002 duo. Simple and Clean is no other way to describe this BMW couple.”

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