We are thankful to have Simply Clean spread to different parts of the world touching those who believe in our movement. It just so happens that one of our biggest supporters is from Japan and found out about us thru our first Simply Clean Video. Over time we have kept in contact but since the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami, we became closer. He is apart of P4J, a charity selling shirts and stickers to donate proceeds for those in need from the disaster.

Anyways, check out his Simple and Clean Honda Integra that mimics styling of the U.S. Acura Integra

Masanari Matsuura


Honda Integra 94 DB8

buddy club/junior spec

front/ccw classic4 8.5jj(+15)
rear/ccw classic4 9.5jj(+15)

front/toyo T1R 195/40 16
rear/toyo T1R 215/40 16

Masanari Matsuura

Check out Masanari’s blog to keep up with the Japanese automotive scene.