We all have that one friend or know that one person that can fix/work on just about anything car related, and also pretty much have a helping hand in building cars with buddies just for the fun of it. Well meet our friend Randy and his Serrot Built gang. Randy is our neighbor and we can vouch for him that he does some pretty bad ass motor builds (Honda Related) and small paint jobs which of all he does in his garage.

On this post we will show Randy’s Custom Red 1999 GS 300 and Hamlet’s Immaculate 1997 E36 M3. Both of which sleep right next door to our driveway 🙂

Randy’s GS 300

Hamlet’s E36 M3

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Serrot Built where we show Joe’s custom S2000 and a clean EK Civic Randy overhauled.