Since 2012, Destination Daytona was our new home and elevated Simply Clean to the next level. We took the old school car meet approach and spun it with elements of a car show and got what is considered one of the best car events in Florida. No trophies or best of show, just cars hand-selected ahead of time to represent the Simply Clean genre and lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2020 when the corona virus shut the world down, putting everything planned at a standstill. With our event pulling over 13,000+ people in attendance, there was no way to safely host an event with the quality and standards we’re used too. For the first time in 10 years, we missed a Simply Clean and we had to reevaluate what it would mean to comeback after a year off.

After giving it much thought, we have come to the decision to cancel Simply Clean 2021. We outgrew Destination Daytona at least five years ago, and so it’s time to find our next home. You all have made Simply Clean what it is today, and it’s time we get ready to grow along with the influx of new attendees each year.

This isn’t goodbye forever but see you at the next venue!
Get ready for @formulad Round 3 to take over OSW on May 19th and 21st.
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Our January Expo

Dear Patrons,

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, we must regretfully announce that we have decided to cancel Simply Clean for 2020 – with no plans to reschedule at this time. The safety of our Simply Clean friends and family is extremely important to us. Our family consist of all ages and the well-being of that family is a priority. The news about Coronavirus was breaking around the time we usually begin to plan logistics for Simply Clean. During this time it was not entirely clear what could happen and in what capacity and therefore, made it difficult to make necessary early commitments. The inability to provide an event with the quality standards you would be used to moved us to cancel. We have never missed an SC since 2010 and this is a tough pill for us. However, we’re looking forward to 2021 with optimism. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support. 

Stay Safe!

Extended Aftermovie

Below is a look at all of our annual shows over the past 11 years!

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Simply Clean 2

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Simply Clean 9

Simply Clean 10

Simply Clean 11

Be sure to book your hotel online if you want to stay on property.

Get ready for @formulad Round 2 to take over OSW on April 26th and 27th.
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