Ever since we started to meet more and more local car folks, nobody has been more drama free or easier to get along with than Omar Rodriguez. He’s an old school Volkswagen dude with a little JDM history in his past but loves anything and everything with wheels on it. We’ve only known him for less than 2 years but it feels like forever cause every time we see each other at meets, shows, friends houses etc.., it always starts with “Que Pasa Papi” and a big hug thereafter. Its that kind of homie love that keeps everything feeling great in the car scene.

Right now Omar’s pride and joy is a MK3 Jetta that he picked up for stupid cheap and brought it back to life with a new paint job that he did himself. The simplicity of this car is pretty much another definition of Simply Clean due to the minimal mods done to achieve sexiness.

So now that you know a little about Omar, check out his Forum and add them on Facebook